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  • Infrastructure and its challenges

Infrastructure is the backbone of a community. Our quality of life depends on building world-class infrastructure; access to water, energy, transportation, communications and social infrastructure underpins the quality of our health, education, agriculture, trade, transportation, personal safety, culture and entertainment.

The Infrastructure Council plays a critical role in connecting industry players and providing expertise and support to public decision-makers through the combined expertise and resources of its members and partners. Together, we can help build and modernize the public infrastructure that we use on a daily basis.

There are four major challenges to ensure the development of essential national and regional infrastructure that Quebec and Canada so desperately need:

Strong leadership and effective governance within the sectors of infrastructure;

Implementation of coordinated strategies for the development of sustainable national infrastructure;

Reform of complex regulatory and environmental approval processes to recognize the importance of strategic infrastructure investments;

Appropriate use of collaborative financing mechanisms involving the public and private sectors.

  • Major Infrastructure Sectors

Road Network

Marine Transportation

Air Transportation

Rail Transportation

Public Transportation

Health and Social Services



Water & Sanitation

Administration & Justice

Tourism, Culture & Sports

Education & Teaching



Agriculture, Forests
& Wildlife

Social and Community

For example, in Quebec, the 2020-2030 Québec Infrastructure Plan† includes investments totalling more than $130.5 billion.

† Source: The 2020-2030 Québec Infrastructure Plan