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The Infrastructure Council brings together key players from here and abroad through conventional and virtual events to share knowledge, stimulate reflection and encourage economic development.

Activities and Events

Our activities and events are adapted to the new health reality. As such, they are held face-to-face or virtually via video conference and webinars.

Grand Forum

Annual conference bringing together local and international actors.


Speeches and presentations by key players from the private and public sectors.

Key events

Meetings and panels of experts sharing their vision.

Guided tours of current major construction sites.

Awards and honours

Annual presentation of the Meritas awards to players who excel in the infrastructure sector.


Articles, interviews, press releases and information about our members’ activities shared through our website, newsletter and social media.

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A look back at the 2019 Grand Forum

The Grand Forum is known for attracting infrastructure players from here and abroad. This major event has garnered an enviable reputation in the Canadian infrastructure sector.

2019 Grand Forum Photo Gallery